Dogs seem to have unending amounts of energy. Beyond their daily walk — or two — how can you keep them busy and engaged while they’re home?

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Fun Activities for Your Dog

Keep your dog busy and active while they have to be inside. Read through four ways you can keep them engaged and entertained.

Toys, Toys, and More Toys

Make sure you have enough toys at home for your dog. You also want to make sure you have a variety of toys — like soft toys, squeakers, balls, and chew toys. This will allow them to move between toys and keep them stimulated.

Schedule Some Play Time

Make time each day to actually play with your dog while they’re stuck inside. Take a rope toy and play tug-of-war with them, or throw a ball or toy around for them. This kind of interaction is meaningful for your dog because you’re taking time to engage or play with them.

Bonus: Create an indoor agility course and coax your dog through it. This is a great way to fit some training in and introduce them to something new and fun!

Puzzle Toys

After some time, your dog might grow tired of playing with their toys. When that happens, you can introduce them to some puzzle toys that have a food reward to increase their activity. There are different toy brands that are designed with compartments where you can store treats or spread some peanut butter. This type of treat will take them longer as they try to figure out the puzzle or work the treat out of its compartment.

Don’t have a puzzle toy for your dog? You can also make one yourself. Place some treats or peanut butter in the bottom of a cupcake pan and cover with tennis balls. Then your dog will have to figure out how to bump the tennis balls out to get to the reward.

Make Them Work for Their Food

Like with puzzle times, food time is also a great opportunity for keeping them busy for longer than it takes them to snarf down their food in a bow. Find a food dispensing toy or a snuffle mat that will make them think a little harder during meal times.

This way, food time becomes another important and engaging event that keeps them busy for a little longer.

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