Keeping your pet safe can be hard, especially when you have to keep them away from common household items that can be dangerous. 

Learn more about what items you should keep away from your pet. If you find yourself needing emergency services, call or stop by Steel City Emergency Vets in Birmingham today! 

Common Household Items

Unfortunately, every home has some items that can be dangerous — or even lethal — for your pet. Sometimes, there are certains things we have to have in our home. But it’s important to know what’s harmful and make sure they’re kept away from your pets. 


We all have food in our homes, but some foods are more dangerous to pets than others. Make sure you watch for these foods: 

  • Chocolate – the caffeine is not safe for your pets
  • Coffee – like with chocolate, you want to avoid anything with caffeine
  • Grapes – these can cause acute renal failure
  • Macadamia nuts – poisonous
  • Onions – can kills canine bloods cells and be life-threatening
  • Alcohol – can cause liver and kidney damage
  • Chicken bones – the splinters can be dangerous
  • Raw meat – this puts them at risk for salmonella and bacterial poisons


You’re taking the medication to help treat something. But you want to make sure your pet doesn’t get any of that medication. Keep it stored safely in the bathroom! 

Chemical Cleaners

You don’t want to leave cleaners out. Cleaners are tough on stains and messes, which means you don’t want your pets ingesting these chemicals. From insecticides to cleaning products, fertilizers, and detergents, keep them in a cabinet under your sink or stowed safely in the garage. After you use chemicals, always make sure you thoroughly clean the area or keep your pet away until it’s safe!


Many of our household products need batteries. But if your pet ingests them, they can get ulcers. Make sure they are disposed of properly! 


Certain common plants can be dangerous for your pets. We’ve touched on plants that can be poisonous to your pet in a previous article. Make sure you read that and keep those plants out of reach or out of your home! 


It can be tempting to buy your dog a delicious rawhide toy. But they can contain salmonella and other dangerous bacteria. Stick with other safer treats and toys! 


It’s common to have a pocket full of coins, but they can be dangerous if your pet accidentally swallows them! Find a spot to keep your change and avoid problems that can come with the high levels of zine, iron, and other trace metals found in coins. 

Children’s Toys

If you have small children, they probably leave their toys all around the house. But as your child gets older, they might have toys with small pieces. If your pet is prone to eating small things, you want to make sure they don’t get the chance to eat those smaller toys.

Think about creating a room for your child to pay where your pet isn’t allowed, or work with your child to emphasize the importance of picking up their toys when they’re done!

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