Dentists recommend we brush our teeth twice a day to prevent cavities and other dental problems. But does that also apply to your pets?

The short answer to that question is yes! In our previous post, The Importance of Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth, we talked about some of the common dental problems your pets can experience.

But, unlike brushing your or your child’s teeth, brushing your pet’s teeth can feel like a challenge. That’s why Steel City Emergency Vets in Birmingham is here with some tips and ways you get your pet’s teeth clean. If any dental emergencies do happen, or if you notice something is wrong with their teeth or mouth, visit our animal hospital today!

How to Clean Their Teeth

Just like in humans, if not properly cared for, your pets teeth could be at risk of gum disease, tooth loss, painful teeth, or other orthodontic problems. But brushing their teeth regularly, however, can feel like a challenging feat — especially when your pet doesn’t want to show you their teeth. Learn about three different ways you can keep your pet’s teeth clean!


Just like you brush your teeth, you can brush your pet’s teeth. You can find pet-specific toothpaste at local pet stores that are designed to keep your pet’s teeth clean. The toothpaste is also flavored to make it taste more appealing.

If you’ve never brushed their teeth before, make sure your pet is comfortable having their mouth touched. From there, you can introduce the toothbrush. Just make sure you pick a toothbrush that is the right size for your pet’s mouth.

Finger Brushing

If brushing feels like too big of a step to start with for your pet, think about polishing their teeth using your finger. If you’re worried about having your fingers that close to your pet’s mouth, you can also find pet-specific brushes that slide onto your finger, almost like a thimble.

To finger polish, put a small amount of your pet toothpaste on your finger and massage the paste onto their teeth. Once they get used to this finger brushing, you can introduce a toothbrush and move towards just brushing their teeth.

Dental Treats

If you just can’t brush your pet’s teeth, dental treats are another way to ensure their teeth are getting clean. First, think about the size of your pet and make sure you’re getting the right size dental treats. From there, take a look at the ingredients. Treats with C.E.T. enzymes will help reduce plaque and fight bacteria on your pet’s teeth.

Feed your pets dental treats once a day to help prevent build up and remove any plaque before it hardens on their teeth.

Find an Animal Hospital in Birmingham

Have you noticed problems with your pet’s teeth? If you are looking for an animal hospital in Birmingham, choose Steel City Emergency Vets today. Our entire team is here to help your pet with our after hours and emergency services.

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