State Of The Art Veterinary Medicine Care in Birmingham

With any industry, high tech means high efficiency, and when you have an emergency, every moment counts. That’s why Steel City Emergency Vets uses the latest technology and advancements to give your pet every advantage when it comes to veterinary medicine.

Advanced ICU Cage
Our Advanced ICU cage precisely controls the flow of oxygen and air to your pet – something that is extremely advantageous for a pet’s a recovery. For dogs, cats, and pets that hyperventilate or overheat, the ICU cage both cools and dries the air. The release of cool air into a controlled environment reduces swelling, lowers your pets metabolic rate, and can calm them. All of this helps them recover better on their own, allowing our vets to better care for them.

Smart Flow System
The Smart Flow System is a cloud-based knowledge sharing system, allowing our vets and technicians to efficiently and accurately manage patients. This increases the accuracy of care, reduces human error, and decreases admin time that could delay care.

Digital X-Ray System
Our digital x-ray system stores radiographs in the cloud, allowing us to use telemedicine to send records to your local vet or a board-certified radiologist expert quick and easy

Global FAST Ultrasound
Steel City Emergency Vets is a pioneer of the Global FAST ultrasound in the state of Alabama. Dr. Carlo has been utilizing this lifesaving technique for over 10 years. Performed as an extension of the physical exam, this ultrasound checks for and picks up on major abnormalities that are often missed by traditional diagnostics. An incredibly powerful tool in veterinary medicine, this helps us save lives by diagnosing your pet’s ailment faster and more accurate.

Smart Technologies To Monitor Your Pet
Our in-house blood analyzers return quick, accurate results. Whether we need to assess kidney function, levels of anemia, electrolyte status or even tissue oxygen levels, we can have the results in minutes. We are working to partner with some of the primary veterinarians in our area to give us access to their online laboratory reports. If your veterinarian opts in, we can look back and see blood work from earlier in the day/week, or even historical data to help guide diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

Our anesthesia monitor even communicates with our paperless charting system directly, automatically sending information like heart rate, breathing rate, temperature and blood pressure right to the computer. That means our technician is spending time observing, touching, and closely monitoring your pet rather than writing these parameters in a chart.

Cloud Medicine
Steel City Emergency Vets utilizes EzyVet, a smart cloud-based electronic medical record and practice management software system. That means we can access medical records whenever we (or you family veterinarian) needs them. The system allows us to save time and paper by quickly faxing or emailing the records with a couple of clicks.

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