At Steel City Emergency Vets in Birmingham, it’s hard to contain our excitement that Halloween is right around the corner. But it’s also important to make sure that while you and your family are out trick or treating, your pets are staying safe.

Read through our tips to make sure your furry friends are safe. But we also know that accidents can happen, even on Halloween. That’s why we have a team of emergency vets available at Steel City Emergency Vets. Reach out to us or stop by our clinic when you need emergency help for your pet. 

Pet Halloween Safety Tips 

Make sure you’re aware of any unsuspected dangers to your pet this Halloween. Read through these pet safety tips and see how you can keep your animals safe this year!

Keep Candy Away

Odds are that your children will come home with bags full of candy. If your pets are prone to eating food that they shouldn’t, make sure you put the candy out of reach. That even includes wrappers! Keep all of the candy off the floor and safe from curious pets. 

Watch Your Costume Choices 

There’s nothing cuter than dressing your pet up in a costume on Halloween. But be careful about the costume you choose. Make sure their outfit is not too tight and that your pet doesn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed in their outfit. Beyond that, avoid costumes that your pet can eat through or easily destroy, including elastic bands. 

Keep Your Pets Calm

Halloween brings lots of new trick-or-treaters to your house. The variety of costumes people wear could also scare your pet. If your pet gets easily overwhelmed or nervous, try to limit their exposure to strangers or scary costumes.

Choose Your Halloween Decorations Wisely

We know how tempting it is to decorate with pumpkins, animatronic ghouls, skeleton bones, and everything in between. But make sure that your pet isn’t eating or chewing on something they shouldn’t. Things like glow sticks or pumpkins can be dangerous if your dog decides to have a late-night Halloween snack. 

Keep Your Pets Inside or With You

While the danger toward black cats on Halloween might be a myth, you still want to keep your pets inside or near you. There are a lot more people who are out on Halloween, which means higher chances of risk for your pet. If you leave your pet (black cat or not) outside unattended, you stand a higher chance of having them taken or messed with by bored kids. 

Make Sure Your Pet Is Tagged

While we hope that your pets stay safe on Halloween, make sure you plan for any potential vanishing acts. Is your pet microchipped? Do they wear a collar with the proper identification? Is your phone number or address updated on their tag? All of these factors make it easier for you to find your pet if they do pull a magic trick this Halloween.

Trust Your Emergency Vets in Birmingham 

We hope that these tips will help you keep your pets safe this year. But, if something happens to your pet — even on Halloween — make sure you get them to our team of emergency vets. 

Trust Steel City Emergency Vets in Birmingham when you need emergency vets near you!