Do you know what your pet wants for Christmas this year? We do! The team at Steel City Emergency Vets is here with some ideas for filling your pets stocking this year. 

You can also rest easy knowing that there is an animal hospital in Birmingham here to help you — even if an accident happens in the middle of Christmas dinner. Stop by Steel City Emergency Vets for emergency services over the holidays. And don’t hesitate to call our animal hospital with any questions or concerns! 

Pet People Love Their Pets

That statement might sound obvious, but we know that pet people love their pets — especially when you look at the statistics. 

In a 2019 survey done by Rover, they found out just how much people love their pets. In fact: 

  • 77% of pet parents plan to include their pet in the holiday festivities. 
  • 80% of pet parents plan to buy a holiday present for their pet.
  • 55% of pet parents plan on spending more than $25 on gifts for their pets.
  • One in five pets receive more gifts than other (human) members of the family. 
  • Two-thirds of pet parents have a separate stocking for their pets! 

So now that we know the chances of you buying a gift for your pet are high, do you know what they want in their stocking? 

Festive Holiday Treats 

Whether you spoil your pet liberally throughout the year or wait until a special occasion, festive holiday treats make great stocking stuffers! Indulge in something yummy from a local dog bakery or buy a box of their favorite dog treats. 

Toys — Lots of Them

Does your pet have a favorite toy that needs to be replaced or upgraded? Or could they always do with some more toys? Holiday-themed toys are a great way to make your pet part of the gift giving this Christmas! 

Wrapped Presents

If you have a high-energy dog, a great way to engage them during the holiday is by giving them wrapped presents. Be sure to get a cute video while your pet rips into their wrapped toy or treat!  

A Warm Winter Coat

Whether you’ve already made it through a blizzard — or two — or are gearing up for colder months, give them something warm to wear. While your pets might be better equipped to handle the cold with their fur and paws, that doesn’t mean they don’t need protection too. 

If you’re bundling up for your winter morning walks, give your pet a little extra buffer against the cold with a warm coat and matching winter booties. Not sure if it’s too cold outside? Petplan created a chart showing what temperature is too cold for your furry friend this winter. 

Get Emergency Services from Our Animal Hospital 

While we hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with their pets, and their stockings, we know that accidents happen. And we want to make sure that our animal hospital is here to help. Choose Steel City Emergency Vets in Birmingham if you need emergency services over the holidays!