Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family. But what about your four-legged friends? 

We know that pets feel like part of the family, but there are certain things you need to do to keep them safe this Thanksgiving. Read through our post to learn more. But if you find yourself needing an animal hospital on Thanksgiving, remember that Steel City Emergency Vets in Birmingham is here to help!

How to Keep Your Pet Safe over the Holidays

See what your pet should avoid this Thanksgiving and enjoy spending the holiday with your furry friend! 

No Turkey

Carving the turkey — and fighting over the legs — is a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition. But when it comes to the leftover bones, you want to make sure they find their way into the trash and not into your pets’ mouths. The same goes for turkey skin. While your pet doesn’t think so, it’s hard for their stomach to digest those foods. 

If you want to treat your pet this Thanksgiving, consider spoiling them with a high-end dog treat — or a delicious doggy baked good from your local pet store. This keeps them safe but also lets them join in on the festivities. 

…And No Dessert Either

This might sound strict, but certain ingredients in desserts can be dangerous for your pet. From chocolate to yeast dough, you’ll want to avoid offering your dog their own slice of pie. 

But, if pumpkin pie is your favorite holiday tradition, consider giving your dog a scoop of canned or raw pumpkin as a little post-dinner treat. In fact, it can help your dog with digestive and urinary health. Just make sure you don’t add any extra sugar or spice to the pumpkin! 

Watch for Strangers

The holidays are filled with visits from extended family members and friends you haven’t seen since last year. Just remember, you might know everyone who’s coming over, but that doesn’t mean your pet does. If you are expecting a lot of visitors, make sure you take time to acclimate your pet to all of the new strangers. This will help reduce their stress and keep them feeling calm. 

If you know that your guests will overwhelm them, think about closing them in a back bedroom or laundry room.

Monitor the Exits

There’s nothing worse than losing your pet during dinner! When there are a lot of people in your home, doors will open and close. If you’re worried about your pet getting out when someone’s not watching, make sure you monitor your pet and the exits. If you know you can’t control the doors, think about closing your pet in a room until everyone settles down. 

Safety First When Travelling

If you plan to travel with your pet, make sure you keep them safe. If you’re driving, don’t leave them in the car if the temperature is too hot or too cold. Beyond that, if you’re flying, call your provider for recommendations on the best way to fly with your pet! 

If you’re boarding your dog, also talk to your provider about keeping them protected from canine flu and other contagious diseases. 

Choose Our Birmingham Animal Hospital

We hope that these tips help you keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving. But if they snag a bone or eat something they shouldn’t, let our animal hospital help. Give us a call or stop by Steel City Emergency Vets in Birmingham.