Compassionate End-of-Life Care For Your Pet in Birmingham Metro Area, AL
Steel City Emergency Vets knows that your pet is a part of your family, and saying goodbye to part of your family is always difficult. That’s why we have a special exam room for you and your pet to make sure that the time spent together is memorable and comfortable.

The idea evolved from when Dr. Enrique Carlo’s daughter spent her first week of life in UAB’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Every patient in the NICU is hooked up to a variety of different monitors and machines in their own private room allowing the families to stay with the critically (or terminally) ill babies at all times. The comforting feeling of being by his newborn daughter’s side has not been forgotten, impacting end-of-life care and pet euthanasia at Steel City Emergency Vets. We hope you find some comfort and closure in knowing that you can now be by your “baby’s” side for an extended period of time during their last hours or most critical moments in the privacy of your own room.

Private, Comfortable Care
The room contains extra comfortable seating with an oxygen line outlet, additional power outlets, internet connectivity, and hooks on the wall for IV bags and pumps which allow us to treat a critically or terminally ill patient.

A window near ground level faces towards the ICU/treatment area. This allows our veterinary team to keep a close eye on these patients at all times while allowing you to spend long stretches of time with your pet in comfort of your own private room. When not being used for treatment, the window blinds within its double panes can be shut to provide privacy.

Pet Euthanasia and Post-Death
When medical alternatives fail and your pet faces a life of pain, pet euthanasia may be the best course of action. Although a difficult decision, this can bring peace to your pet and allow you to enjoy their last moments comfortably. The process is painless, and the medication is delivered through an IV directly into the veins. The medications first relax your loved one, before another dose is giving that helps your pet transition.

After the vet has verified your pet’s transition, take as long as you need with your pet. We’re there for whatever you may need.

Burial and Cremation
Steel City Emergency Vets can help with post-death needs for your pets. From preparing your pet for burial at home, to private cremation, let us know how you would like to honor your pet and we will help.

We partner with Family Pet Cremation and Burial Services to make the process of honoring your pet seamless and convenient. Your pet’s ashes are sealed in an urn afterward, for you to cherish.