Making the decision to euthanize your furry friend should never be easy. But there are different signs that can help signal when it’s the right time to let go.

But the team at Steel City Emergency Vets is here to have that difficult conversation with you. We also have some signs that can let you know if your pet’s quality of life has diminished to the point where euthanasia might be the best option.

Contact Steel City Emergency Vets in Birmingham to discuss our end of life care and vet clinic services. Our primary concern is making sure that you and your furry friend have a private and comfortable experience. Goodbyes are difficult but our staff will be there for you during the entire process. 

Making the Right Decision

Deciding that it’s the right time to put down your pet doesn’t make you a bad pet owner. Instead, you’ve made a loving decision that will help you give your furry friend the relief and comfort they need.

If making that final decision has been extremely challenging, there are certains ways you can know that it’s time. But if you still have any level of doubt, always consult with your veterinarian. They are experienced with end of life care and are willing to talk you through the decision and decide when it’s the right time.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain that cannot be treated with medication, whether due to old age or another condition, can signal that end of life care will provide your pet with the most relief.

Unable to Eat

If your pet is having a hard time eating or keeping any amount of food down, this can greatly impact their quality of life. Ongoing dehydration or loss of appetite can be your pet’s way of saying they’ve had a great run but it’s time to say goodbye. 

Difficulty Breathing

Labored breathing, wheezing, or excessive coughing can be an important sign that it might be time to let go, especially if your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Challenges Walking or Standing

Does your pet struggle to stand, walk, or go to the bathroom? While younger pets with mobility issues can be helped through assistive devices, challenges walking or standing for older or terminally ill dogs can let you know that it’s time to talk with your vet about end of life options. 

Lethargy or Loss of Interest

Is your pet uninterested in things they used to love, like looking out the window or going on walks? If you notice that your furry friend is lethargic and has a hard time showing interest in things, it might be time to make that difficult decision. 

Saying Goodbye

The process of saying goodbye is something we prioritize at Steel City Emergency Vets. We want those final moments to be filled with memories of love and comfort. That’s why we ensure that you, your family, and your pet have a private room where you can take all the time you need. Our team will be there for whatever you need to say goodbye properly.

Choose the Right Vet Clinic Services

When it comes to end of life care, you want to make sure you’re getting the best vet clinic services. Let Steel City Emergency Vets in Birmingham help you with the entire process, including post-death, burial, and cremation. 

Sometimes making the right decision can be one of the hardest things you’ll do. But we can help you make that decision and provide the support and space to make that experience more comfortable.